AEON Completes Anti-ASIC Fork. But What’s This Path Fraught With? –

No Turning Back

This column most certainly isn’t to pick on AEON, or the AeonCoin community.

Conducting such a fork is something that many communities in the cryptoverse have been grappling with in recent months, and every project will have different needs and arrive at different conclusions, as is their right. The various stakeholders in the AEON ecosystem have collectively decided a PoW shift is the way forward for them, and they’ve committed accordingly to the now successful fork that occurred at their chain’s block of 963,500.

Rather, we’re interested in using AEON’s case as an example for the kinds of realities projects in the space face upon a PoW shift. Potential complicating factors, as it were. Factors that are worth considering and returning to again and again in the ever so game-theoretic cryptoverse.