#Bitcoinprivate The fork has finished! Read the following post to get started

Bitcoin Private
Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private mainnet launch info

How to run a full node to support the network:

1) Compile from source code here.

2) Ensure that port 7933 is open on your server or network.

3) Run BTCP daemon.

Mining Pool Information

Please consider mining on our developer donation pool, which is 0% fee for the next two weeks, then 1.5% fee. All proceeds go to Bitcoin Private Development: https://pool.btcprivate.org

Otherwise, you can find many other pools listed here: https://btcprivate.org/pools.html


Full-Node Desktop Wallet – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Electrum Wallet – Windows, Mac, and Linux

Paper Wallet – ready soon

Coinomi – Android only, iOS coming soon

How do I claim my BTCP?

For security, we recommend everyone moves their ZCL and/or BTC to a new address before using the private key for the address it was in for the fork. For now, SegWit BTC balances cannot be claimed. They should be available soon, please keep an eye out for it.

If you are using a multi-signature wallet, these will not apply to you. Go to the bottom.


1) Unzip and run BitcoinPrivateDesktopWallet.jar (after installing latest java).

2) Start it and allow the blockchain to sync.

3) Go to Wallet > Import One Private key -> this will take quite some time

4) Press yes when asked to sweep. Your BTCP should be available.

Electrum (No z addresses yet)

1) Unzip and run electrum executable

2) Create a NEW wallet

3) Go to wallet > private keys > sweep

4) Enter all private keys and sweep BTCP into new address


1) Follow instructions according to https://coinomi.com

Electrum Multisignature

1) Unzip and run electrum executable

2) Press next, select multi signature, press next

3) Set to proper number of key holders and cosigners, press next

4) Press “I already have a seed” and enter it.

5) Enter public keys of other cosigners.

6) After wallet start up, make a new multi-sig wallet and send funds there for safety and security reasons.

Need help?

Go to https://support.btcprivate.org